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Lucrările româneşti de geografie lingvistică şi Dicţionarul limbii române al Academiei: oferta lexicografică a materialului necartografiat şi problema „literarizării”

Publication: Anuar de Lingvistică și Istorie Literară, LV, p. 19
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Romanian works of linguistic geography and the Romanian Language Dictionary of the Academy. The unmapped material’s lexicographical offer and the question of “literalizing”]
When the Academy’s Dictionary of Romanian Language (DLR) was being updated, there were being analyzed the problems of an efficient process of taking over the dialectological researches results which were conducted within the national projects: The New Romanian Linguistic Atlas by Region (NALR) and The Romanian Linguistic Atlas by Region (ALRR).
In the first part, concerning the section “unmapped material” from the published volumes of the atlases for Oltenia, and Moldavia and Bukovina (NALR), respectively for Maramures, Transylvania, and Wallachia and Dobruja (ALRR) it is analyzed the conceiving perspective of the mentioned texts from the point of view of the advantages for lexicographical use representing either the “linear-cumulative” wording, or the “semantic synthesis”.
In the second part, concerning taking over, as quotations, of some fragments from oral texts in dialectical form which were collected and published within the same programs, these matters are discussed and technical solutions are offered in order to emphasize the specific features of regional speeches from different areas of the Daco-Romanian.
Arguments are made supporting the necessity of a minimally “literalizing” reproduction of oral texts in agreement with the way in which this kind of materials was employed by previous series of DLR, and also in order to preserve the phonetisms and popular and regional forms from literary language texts of previous centuries which have been used as illustrative quotations in the academic dictionary’s articles.
Key words:Dictionary of Romanian language, Romanian Linguistic Atlas, regional atlases, linguistic maps, lexicographical systematization of unmapped linguistic material, “linear-cumulative” wording, “semantic synthesis” wording, lexicographical use of oral texts in dialectical form, literalizing, representation of specific feature of regional speeches in the quotations of the Academy’s Dictionary, regional features in literary texts of previous centuries.
Language: Romanian

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