Editorial Board


Francisc Gafton
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dinu Moscal
“A. Philippide” Institute of Romanian Philology, Iași

Ioan Milică
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași

Senior Editorial Board

Gheorghe Chivu
University of Bucharest; Romanian Academy

Eugen Pavel
“Sextil Pușcariu” Institute of Linguistics and Literary History, Cluj-Napoca

Adina Dragomirescu
University of Bucharest; “Iorgu Iordan – Al. Rosetti” Institute of Linguistics of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest

Adina Chirilă
West University of Timișoara

Sorin Guia
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași

Board of Reviewing Editors

The Board of Reviewing Editors — composed of practising scientists in all relevant fields — is responsible for the peer review process, and provides recommendations on whether papers should be accepted, corrected, or rejected.

Petre Gheorghe Bârlea
“Ovidius” University of ConstanțaClassical philology, diachronic linguistics, Romanian literature, onomastics

Ion-Horia Bîrleanu
„Ștefan cel Mare” University of SuceavaPhonetics and dialectology, onomastics

Clive Bloom
Middlesex University LondonHistory, literature, civilization, history of mentalities

Alexandra Cornilescu
University of BucharestEnglish studies, synchronic linguistics

Federica Cugno
University of TurinDialectology, sociolinguistics, linguistic contacts

Wolfgang Dahmen
Friedrich-Schiller-University of JenaDialectology, sociolinguistics, onomastics, linguistic contacts, Romance studies

Pasquale Fornaro
University of MessinaAncient and modern history and civilization

Ștefan Găitănaru
University of PiteștiSynchronic linguistics

Dirk Geeraerts
Catholic University of LeuvenSemantics, lexicology, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics, pragmatics

Martin-Dietrich Glessgen
University of Zürich; University of StrasbourgDiachronic linguistics, Romance linguistics and philology, lexicology and lexicography, corpus linguistics

Jean-Noël Grandhomme
University of Lorraine, NancyComparative history

Magda Jeanrenaud
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of IașiSemantics and lexicology, terminology, philology, translation studies, hermeneutics

Thede Kahl
Austrian Academy of Sciences; Friedrich-Schiller-University of JenaHistoriography

Adam Ledgeway
University of CambridgeRomance linguistics, dialectology, synchronic and diachronic linguistics

Martin Maiden
University of OxfordRomance studies, dialectology, synchronic and diachronic linguistics

Christian Mair
“Albert Ludwig” University of FreiburgSociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, synchronic linguistics

Ștefan Oltean
“Babeș – Bolyai” University of Cluj-NapocaEnglish studies, semantics, pragmatics, synchronic linguistics

Gabriela Pană Dindelegan
University of Bucharest; Romanian AcademySynchronic linguistics

Wolfgang Schweickard
Saarland UniversityDiachronic linguistics, lexicology and lexicography, text linguistics

John Charles Smith
University of OxfordRomance studies, historical morphology and syntax, non-Romance languages

Vasile D. Țâra
West University of TimișoaraPhilology, diachronic linguistics

Cristiana Teodorescu
University of CraiovaSynchronic linguistics, terminology

Rudolf Windisch
University of RostockDiachronic linguistics, Romance studies

Rodica Zafiu
University of BucharestSynchronic linguistics, stylistics, sociolinguistics

Editorial Assistant

Roxana Vieru
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași