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Note cu privire la traducerea numelor proprii literare

Publicația: Studii de traductologie românească. I. Discurs traductiv, discurs metatraductiv. In honorem professoris Ileana Oancea, p. 251-266
Editori:Georgiana Lungu-Badea, Nadia Obrocea
Editura:Editura Universității de Vest
Rezumat:This article examines the translation of proper nouns (Pn). Defining proper nouns has been an issue since antiquity, and the thesis regarding the duality of language applies to them as well. In Cratylos, Plato concurs with Socrates’ opinion (the word is an organon, with the help of which some body says something about something to somebody else) and this is an issue that continues to be relevant.
The analysis will focus on the translation of semantic Pn in literary works, particularly those proper nouns that refer to the characters and to the titles of these words, which are themselves proper names belonging to the category of ergonyms. The main purpose of this paper is to challenge the prejudice according to which the interlingual rendering of Pn does not pose problems to the translator because such Pn are rendered through reporting or trans-coding.
Cuvinte-cheie:proper names, translation of literary proper names, translation of titles
Limba: română

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