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Premise pentru o poetică a textemelor

Publicația: The Proceedings of the “European Integration - Between Tradition and Modernity” Congress, 5, p. 326-331
Editura:Editura Universităţii „Petru Maior”
Rezumat:[Premises for a Poetics of Textemes]
This study proposes a series of premises for the foundation of a poetics of textemes. By adopting the general framework of linguistic poetics (Eugeniu Coşeriu’s integralist version), our approach tries to graft on this theoretical basis Lucian Blaga’s dissociation between the linguistic metaphor and the poetic one, Mircea Borcilă’s and Benjamin Harshav’s distinction between referential quanta and referential fields, as well as the typology drawn by Mircea Borcilă and Philip Wheelwright, relating to the strategies for the articulation of the poetic meaning. According to these premises, textemes can be defined as units of referential quanta “fused” (fixed) through repetition, which does not cancel their poetic potential, because they can (re)activate in the text their sign functions and thus they can contribute to the creation of meaning.
Cuvinte-cheie:textemes, Poetics, metaphor, quanta, referential field, signs, meaning
Limba: română

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