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Inovaţia lexicală în textul biblic modern: ‘construcţíe vs deconstrucţie’, ‘identitate vs alteritate’ (II)

Publication: Limba română, LXIII (1), p. 82
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This paper is aimed at approaching the issue mentioned in the title from the point of view of the neologistic elements identifiable in the psalm current text (which is analysed in extenso), in an ‘Orthodox-Protestant’ comparative purpose. The starting point for carrying out this investigation is the neologistic corpus of the Protestant Bible version, compared to the lexico-semantic correspondents in the Orthodox version. In order to follow the purpose proposed in this study, a rigorous approach of the data calls for taking into consideration the ‘second degree’ literature status of the religious text, a reality which makes absolutely necessary the investigation of such text (including) from the point of view of the translation act.
Key words:religious, biblical, deconstruction, secularisation, depoeticisation, hybrid style
Language: Romanian

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