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Structuri sintactice cu valenţe stilistice în literatura veterotestamentară a Psalmilor

Publication: Anuar de Lingvistică și Istorie Literară, LIV, p. 111
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Syntactic Structures With a Stylistic Function in Old Testament’s Psalms]
In the category of proofs of an archetypal, archaic cultural community, a context in which the poems included in the Book of Psalms must have been created, we could mention not only the semantic figures of this kind of discourse frame, but equally an entire series of aspects that reveal the formal organisation of the psalm text.
Our research has shown numerous aspects that, at a more profound analysis, prove to be consistent and also show the linguistic archaicity of the biblical text. This is a concept which we should interpret mostly in comparison with an entire series of implicit (elliptic, asyndetic) structures or on the contrary redundant (intensive, tautological, rhetoric) structures. In the same way, it is worth pointing out the non-integrated structures from the syntactic point of view or the constructions that show the orality of the psalm texts and which were defined in our research, in the sense of this interpretation, as mnemotechnic catalysts or ”reference points” in the expression of a cultural act, in particular a religious and aesthetic act.
“The archetypal” does not exclude however “the poetical”/”the aesthetic”: in many of the cases presented in our study, it is possible to admit a stylistic function of different syntactic structures, valued as such in the Hebrew text, in compliance with the laws to which the rhetoric poetry is circumscribed, a quality which the psalm poem ultimately has.
There are aspects whose validity is conformed following a detailed investigation of several syntactic structures identified in a modern Orthodox version of the biblical text, namely the syntactic parallelism, the anadiplosis, the refrain, the repetition (anaphoric and epiphoric), the elliptic and appositive constructions, as well as an entire series of implicit structures.
Key words:syntactic, stylistic, syntactic parallelism, appositive structures, implicit performatives
Language: Romanian

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