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Neutrosophic social structures specificities

Publicația: Social Sciences and Education Research Review, II (1)
Editura:Sitech Publishing House
Rezumat:This paper is an extension of “(t, i, f)-Neutrosophic Structures” applicability , where were introduced for the first time a new type of structures, called (t, i, f)-Neutrosophic Structures, presented from a neutrosophic logic perspective.
In any field of knowledge, each structure is composed from two parts: a space, and a set of axioms (or laws) acting (governing) on it. If the space, or at least one of its axioms (laws), has some indeterminacy of the form (t, i, f) ≠ (1, 0, 0), that structure is a (t, i, f)-Neutrosophic Structure. If the structure is applied to social environment, we have (t, i, f)-Neutrosophic Social Structures.
The (t, i, f)-Neutrosophic Social Structures [based on the components t = truth, i = numerical indeterminacy, f = falsehood] are exponential remodeled in social space from the perspective of social actor.
The social structure allows an infinite freedom of opinion, that is, everybody believes what he wants. The neutrosophic effervescence of social space is more powerful than of scientific environment for the case of natural sciences.
Cuvinte-cheie:Neutrosophy, neutrosophic structures, neutrosophic social structures, social science
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