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The Plural Type cărnuri and the Morphological Structure of the Romanian Feminine Noun in Diachrony

Publication: Diachronic Variation in Romanian, p. 35-54
Editors:Gabriela Pană Dindelegan, Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Irina Nicula, Alexandru Nicolae, Louise Esher
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Place:Newcastle upon Tyne
Abstract:[In what follows I investigate the fate of a “morphomic” mismatch between form and meaning in the historical morphology of Romanian feminine nouns and reflect on its significance for the general theory of morphological change. In particular, I suggest that it helps explain the mechanisms by which systematic “mismatches” between form and function in morphology may persist over time, precisely by throwing light on the circumstances in which such mismatches fail to survive. These observations complement and reinforce my findings regarding, for example, the morphological history of the Romanian supine (Maiden 2012; in press), where I seek to demonstrate that the form labelled “supine” systematically spans an array of grammatical functions which is irreducible to any common underlying function, while displaying remarkably “coherent” unity of form over time, just so long as there is a relation of strict lexical identity across all of the various functions involved. In the absence of lexical identity, formal identity is prone to collapse. What is involved are phenomena which are “morphomic” in the sense of Aronoff (1994:24f.), in that they are an abstract function systematically mapping a single form on to a heterogeneous assembly of grammatical functions. The inference I draw is that lexical identity is a necessary condition for the survival of such systematic mismatches between form and function, and that the systematic distributional predictability of the relevant forms, however “nonsensical” they may appear from a synchronic perspective, minimizes the discrepancy between allomorphy and the meaning of the lexeme by making that discrepancy maximally predictable.]
Language: English

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