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Nume de emisiuni TV din spațiul media românesc

Publicația: Numele și numirea. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Onomastică. Ediția a III-a: Conventional / unconventional in onomastics, p. 734
Editori:Oliviu Felecan
Editura:Editura Mega, Editura Argonaut
Rezumat:[Names of television shows in Romanian media space]
Mass media space, in general, and televised space, in particular, provide an extremely wide and varied range of shows (about politics, culture, economy, finance and entertainment, as well as documentaries and talk shows). The content, which may be more or less motivated/arbitrary, is reflected in the very name of a show (in the sense of an agreement/disagreement between the name of a television programme and its particularity). Viewers’ expectations and hypotheses as regards the offer of televised mass media can be confirmed or invalidated by names of shows. Functioning almost as daily rituals, news bulletins employ onomastic landmarks from media space, sometimes directly identifying the sender, i.e., the television station, or the time slot: Știrile PRO TV (‘ PRO TV news’), Știrile Kanal D (‘Kanal D news’), Știrile Naţional TV (‘National TV news’), Știrile B1 (‘B1 news’), Ora de știri (‘news hour’), Observator (‘observer’), Focus (‘focus’), Telejurnal (‘televised news bulletin’), Telejurnal matinal (‘morning televised news bulletin’), Știrile dimineții (‘morning news’), Jurnalul de seară (‘evening news bulletin’) and others. The configuration of Romanian politics, a highly controversial and contested domain in recent times, provides “hot”, “front page” topics for most television channels: e.g., Dosarele DNA (‘Files of the National Anticorruption Directorate’), Dosar de politician (‘Politician’s file’) and Butonul de panică (‘The panic button’). Some shows (which are diverse both on the level of content or semantic configuration, and on the level of addressability) are eponymously named after the hosts (Lumea lui Banciu ‘Banciu’s world’, 5 minute de istorie cu Adrian Cioroianu ‘5 minutes of history with Adrian Cioroianu’, Teo show, La Măruță ‘at Măruță’s’) or a couple of hosts/guests: 50 de minute cu Pleșu și Liiceanu (‘50 minutes with Pleșu and Liiceanu’), Tănase și Dinescu (‘Tănase and Dinescu’), Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani (‘good morning with Răzvan and Dani’).
Cuvinte-cheie:Romanian mass media, television shows, talk show, onomastics, eponym
Limba: română

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