Baza de date „Diacronia” (BDD)

Gramatica Academiei, ediţiile din 2005–2008, moment de referinţă în sincronizarea terminologică

Publicația: Limba română, LXII (4), Secțiunea Gramatică, p. 441-450
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:In this study we have compared the four editorial presences of the Grammar of the Academy from the viewpoint of their terminology. We have achieved on the computer an index of the word forms appearing in the 8 studied volumes, as well as their number of attestations. We have started from the words comprised in the index at the end of last edition’s second volume. Among these, some are attested in all the eight volumes, although they may have been subjected to changes of meaning. These words represent elements of continuity, illustrating the descriptive character of the Grammar written under the auspices of the Academy. The number of aspects that are specific to the language, together with the number of exceptions to the rule, of elements situated at the borderline between different categories increased from one edition to another only to reach a point where they became the focus of much attention. We have restricted the study to those words that do not appear in the initial two volumes, likewise to the words belonging to the same families that do were not included in the index. The terms belong to certain modern theories of contemporary linguistics, language philosophy, semantics, pragmatics, structural grammar, generative-transformational grammar, text theory, communication theory. In a context where communication has become global, access from one language to another would be very difficult if we were to compare a language whose structure is described in the terms of a generative grammar to another language whose structure is described in the terms of a classical grammar. The automatic translation is not possible either, if there is no rigorous description of languages, one which uses an equivalent, rigorous, and mono-semantic terminology. We hereby greet the theoretical and terminological synchronization of the treaty of Romanian grammar published by the Academy with the most advanced contemporary linguistic theories.
  • terminologie, sincronizare, teorii despre lingvistica contemporană, teoriile comunicării
  • terminology, synchronization, theories of contemporary linguistic, communication theory
Limba: română

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