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Les figures de style et leur relevance dans le décodage sémiotique d’un texte: la comparaison dans le texte moderne des Psaumes

Publicația: Text şi discurs religios, VI, Secțiunea Retorica discursului religios, p. 259-270
Editura:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Rezumat:In our approach, we started up from the premise of subordinating “the stylistic” over “the semiotic”, fact that presupposes the analysis of the stylistic structures (the comparative ones, in particular), as elements with relevance at a deeper level (which articulates basic significant values), that is, the semiotic value. By means of this approach, the stylistic phenomena become landmarks of a spatial, temporal and cultural specific reality, in other words, the witnesses of a certain mental universe, as long as these phenomena synthesize „the semiotic treasure” of a community. The uniquely particular feature of the core comprised by the very object of knowledge specific to the sacred context, that is, the transcendent, requires special strategies and rules of approach, even at the aesthetic level. Following these ideas, the so-called stylistic alternative of approaching the divine has been brought in, where the analogy is perceived as a theological method according to which knowing God is expressed by comparisons and metaphors.Starting from these premises, our study aims to outline the main comparative structures (conceptual ones), the way they are enhanced in value in a biblical version of the orthodox cult: common comparisons, universally used; relevant structures for an archaic country civilization; cultural paradigms: bookish comparisons (proper bookish comparisons: zoological comparative structures, religious comparative structures; commonly used bookish comparisons); comparative structures which remind of the oriental space.
Cuvinte-cheie:significant elementary values, semiotic treasure, gnoseological stylistic alternative, universal comparative structures, cultural paradigms
Limba: franceză

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