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De la politeţea epistolară la politeţea conversaţională în româna veche

Publicația: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXVII (2), p. 151-167
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:[From epistolary politeness to conversational politeness in old Romanian]
The article analyzes a corpus of letters written in Old Romanian during the 16th–18th centuries and aims at detecting the basic forms, strategies, and expressions of politeness at that time. The short tradition of writing – which qualifies the Romanian culture as an oral culture – favored extrapolations form epistolary politeness to oral interaction politeness in Old Romanian. The analysis revealed two main aspects: (i) relationship orientation took precedence over task orientation, was overmarked, and backgrounded the content of the letter; (ii) discernment politeness shadowed ritual and political politeness, while the emerging intersubjective politeness softened written/oral register boundaries. Provided that extrapolations from epistolary politeness to conversational politeness are correct, then consistency between the old and the present-day system of politeness is to be noticed, as well as its evolution towards a hybrid system between the Western needs for self image and the Eastern concern for the discursive ratification of the social mask conferred by status.

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