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La Grande Grammaire du français : principes de construction

Publicația: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LII (4), p. 419-436
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:The new reference Grammar of French (La Grande Grammaire du français), which is to be published in 2009, will be approximately 2000 page long, and the result of a collective project (around fifty authors). Like the recent reference grammars of the other Romance Languages, it takes into account the important results of the linguistic research of the past 30 years, while aiming at a non specialist audience (it is not formalized, and uses the traditional syntactic categories). It includes a description of all the syntactic phenomena, as well as semantic and pragmatic insights, specially as they interact with syntax. The analysis concerns the data from standard written French, but also includes data from spoken corpora and regional or non standard French (when accessible). Throughout the grammar, a simple phrase structure grammar is used, in order to maintain a common representation.
Limba: franceză

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396Valeria Guțu Romalo (coord.)GALR
Gramatica limbii române. I. Cuvântul; II. Enunțul
Editura Academiei2005; 2008
36William LabovSociolinguistic PatternsUniversity of Pennsylvania Press; Blackwell1972

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