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Les verbes psychologiques en roumain : quelques repères théoriques pour une description sémantique dans la perspective de la grammaire cognitive

Publicația: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LXI (4), p. 405-428
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:In our research, the psychological verbs could be considered moderately prototypical predicates, taking into consideration three more prominent aspects: (a) the eminently spontaneous feature of interior experiences lexicalise by means of lexical units included in this verb subclass (which, however, does not exclude on the whole the possibility of a stimulus to show control on the triggering of a certain affective experience); (b) the exclusive particular situation of psychological verbs of state, whose event structure is not a properly causative one, since the stimulus corresponds in reality to the target and (c) the proper impossibility of the state verbs to associate with the [+speed] satellite. In this context, we have defined the causality (in fact, the fundamental reference to establish the degree of prototypicality of a verb class) in a rather limited sense, by taking into account not only such parameters as [+dynamic], respectively [+ (qualitative) change], but also the [+control], [+directed activity] and [+time] parameters. Just like causality, the so-called [+speed] satellite is a natural reference in the description/assignation of the prototypicality degree of different verb classes, considering that the ‘event’ is associated naturally to a certain progress ‘speed’.
The theoretical aspects discussed herein prove ultimately their utility in the context of establishing the argument structure, but also the adjunct structure specific to the verbs included in the psychological field. Apart from the matters involving the moderately prototypical feature of this verb subclass, there are implications/ repercussions on the argument and adjunct structure of psychological verbs triggered by the other two matters discussed herein: the circumscription of the psychological verbs in various affective categories (processes), respectively the monosemantic vs polysemantic feature of these verbs.
Cuvinte-cheie:psychological verb, spontaneous events, causality, speed satellite, moderately prototypical, affective process, monosemantic, polysemantic
Limba: franceză

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