Baza de date „Diacronia” (BDD)

Din nou despre limbajul bisericesc actual

Publicația: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXIV (1), p. 93-104
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:The purpose of our study has been to point out two features that are prominently characteristic for the linguistic phenomenon of church language: on one hand, its progressive assimilation to the standard language and, on the other hand, its opposition to the standard language by a neutralised tendency to deleting absolutely peculiar features. We have achieved that by comparing two contemporary ecclesiastical versions (Orthodox and Catholic catechism, but including also sometimes Gospel and prayer-book versions) in Romanian, which has enabled us to touch the theoretical problems implied in the linguistic study of religious texts: the relation between tradition and innovation, the defining of archaic features and the peculiarities of reproducing an original religious text in its various after-using.
Limba: română

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