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Imaginaire linguistique et dynamique de la langue dans le discours de la presse écrite

Publicația: ANADISS, 13, p. 148
Editura:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Rezumat:The dynamic of the language concept is issued from the theories elaborated by André Martinet, concerning the synchronic linguistics, named dynamic synchrony. In the 80th, those theories were reunited, by Anne-Marie Houdebine-Gravaud, under the name of Linguistic imaginary (IL) and reveal “the relationship between the Speaking Subject and the language”, named also “linguistic attitudes”, “linguistic representations” or “linguistic feelings”. In this paper we are going to reveal some of the aspects of the linguistic imaginary theory and their importance for the evolution of the dynamic of the language. For our analyses we have conceived a corpus from several journal articles that we took from the online version of the Romanian newspaper Gândul, in order to reveal the linguistic attitudes of the journalists and the way that they represent the world through words. The samples selected from our corpus and incorporated in our text reflect the theories of the linguistic imaginary and reveal several journalistic attitudes, the language creativity and the representation of the violence in printed press discourse. As for the methodology we are using the textual investigation that we consider adequate for our present analyses.
Cuvinte-cheie:dynamic of the language, linguistic imaginary, linguistic creation, vulgar language, press discourse
Limba: franceză

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