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Les trilingues face aux anglicismes: étude contrastive portant sur leur comportement verbal et leur créativité lexicale

Publicația: Analele Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași. Secțiunea IIIe. Lingvistică, LVI, Secțiunea Contacte lingvistice, p. 13-34
Editura:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Rezumat:In this paper, we aim to analyze the verbal behaviour and the lexical creativity triggered by Anglicisms within two target groups of trilingual students. They had to answer a few questions about 50 Anglicisms (frequence of use, meaning, use in formal or informal conversations, creation of a hybrid term starting from an Anglicism, vitality of these creations among their close friends / relatives / mates, existence of an equivalent in their mother tongue). Our analysis shows that both target groups know very well almost all of these Anglicisms and use them in their daily life, some of them extremely frequently. The verbal behaviour of these students reveals their perceptions of foreign terms in comparison with native-tongue words. Some of these foreign terms have particular meanings in the students' native tongues (Romanian / French) which are unknown in English. Most of these terms have served as a basis of derivation for AngloRomanian or Anglo-French hybrids (not necessarily the students’ creations), which is a convincing proof for their lexical integration within the two borrowing languages.
Limba: franceză

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