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La polémique – une forme particulière de communication conflictuelle

Publicația: Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Philologia, LV (1), p. 195
Editura:Editura Presa Universitară Clujeană
Rezumat:[Polemics – a particular form of conflicting communication] Our aim is to describe polemics as a particular form of conflicting interaction that has an intellectual stake. We show that its actors disagree on a certain question that they envisage in two irreconcilable manners. We deal with the various pragmatic and rhetorical aspects of polemics such as: its dialogical character; the nature of the disagreement that opposes its protagonists, that may concern a content, a lexical choice, the enunciation act or a behaviour of the adversary; the interpersonal relationship that the opponents build in the interaction; the role that argumentation takes in polemics. We finally show that polemics is a dynamic phenomenon that has a beginning, a course and an end and that it may move towards other objects or even degenerate as a result of the radicalisation of the conflict.
Cuvinte-cheie:polemics, disagreement, dialogical polyphony, argumentative interaction
Limba: franceză

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