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Etnolingvistica în scrierile lui G. Ivănescu şi în perspectivă coşeriană

Publicația: Anuar de Lingvistică și Istorie Literară, LIII, p. 153
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:In the middle of the 20th century the interest for interdisciplinary research of ethnolinguistics was characterized by definitions that were considered “extremely imprecise and very large”. Two Romanian scientists, who were far from each other at thousands of kilometres, Eugenio Coseriu and G. Ivănescu elaborated, independently and simultaneously, the theoretic basis of a linguistic discipline that is continuously developing.
G. Ivănescu, when approaching the problem of defining this “border science” that ethnolinguistics is, came across the difficulty of separating the ethnic component, meaning “the relations between language, people and nations”. He placed himself of the firm field of linguistics and rightfully claimed that “languages are necessarily ethnic or national realities and cannot be otherwise”. Therefore, in Istoria limbii române (The History of the Romanian Language), a monumental work done across four decades, he started from the principle that “changes in language are conditioned by changes in civilization and culture”, and the history of languages has the purpose of describing and explaining what is called “linguistic change”.
The definition that Eugenio Coseriu formulated, “ethnolinguistics is the linguistic discipline that studies the variety and the variations of language in close connection with the civilization and culture of a community” presupposes more than multiplying the investigation techniques. Coseriu realized the first conceptual analysis of ethnolinguistics regarded as direction of research. He also launched the perspective of skeology cf. gr. σκεῦος, a term that can be explained by means of Coseriu's vision related to the linguistics of speech. Yet the author admits that “the discipline is difficult to be constituted, one of the causes is the incipient stage of the linguistic speech”.
The theoretical inheritance related to ethnolinguistics in general owes enormously to the two Romanian linguists coryphaei.
Cuvinte-cheie:ethnolinguistics, definition, border science, linguistic discipline, linguistics of speech, skeology, Coseriu, Ivănescu
Limba: română

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