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Evoluția limbii în textele lui Antim Ivireanul. (II) Consonantismul

Publication: Analele Universității de Vest din Timișoara. Seria Științe Filologice, XLVIII, p. 118
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:Our paper deals with the problem of the consonantal alternation in the texts of Antim Ivireanul, that might prove an evolution of the language he used, from the early years of his activity (1693-1694), to the last one (1715).
There are no dramatical changes in Antim’s language, from one period to another. In most of the cases, the swinging between two forms of the same term occurs from the beginning of his activity, with no spectacular variation in either’s procentage, from 1693 to 1715. There are only three cases when the alternation between the multiple phonetical forms of the same word appears at some point in Antim’s activity, revealing a sort of evolution in his language: de, din – in the early texts / de, din but also dă, dân – after 1699; să “se” – as the exclusive rule in the early texts / să “se” but also se – after 1699; [r]+[iu] at the end of wors like ajutoriu, ceriu – in texts written before 1708 / [r]+[iu] but also strong, final [r] like in ajutor, cer – after this year. In each case, the second phonetic phenomenon apperes in fewer situations, making the first one the main rule of Antim Ivireanul’s language.
Language: Romanian

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