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Nominal Peripheries and Phase Structure in the Romanian DP

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LVI (1), p. 35-68
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In this paper, we argue for the existence of two nominal peripheries (the n*-periphery and the d*-periphery), corresponding to the two phases (cf. Chomsky 2001, 2009, Legate 2003) inside the determiner phrase: the n*-phase, parallel to the vP (as in Svenonius 2004), and the d*-phase, parallel to the CP. The existence of the two peripheries is evidenced, in the first part of the paper, by the non-homogeneous behavior of Romanian pre-nominal adjectives, in what concerns properties like genericity, specificity, position with respect to cardinals a.o. The description of periphery adjectives is based on an integrated classification of adjectives from a threefold perspective: syntactic, ontological and combinatorial. In the second part, a typical Romanian structure is investigated in detail: the adjectival article construction (băiatul cel cuminte, boy.the that good ‘the good boy’). It is shown that despite its post-nominal position, the adjective is in fact a pre-nominal periphery adjective, which merges above the lower D position in a split DP framework, and is given a focus interpretation. The definite nominal is subsequently attracted to the specifier of the higher D (cel). Movement of the noun is possible only if, after the linearization of the n*-phase, the definite noun is the edge constituent (cf. Chomsky’s PIC).
Language: English

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