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Un regard diachronique sur le marquage différentiel de l’objet en roumain

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIV (1-2), p. 65-93
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The use of the preposition pe with the Direct Object (DO) in Romanian is an instance of Differential Object Marking (DOM), which is crosslinguisticaly a widespread phenomenon. This paper pursues one of our earlier works (see Mardale 2008) and analyzes the distribution of DOM in Old Romanian with respect to the parameter’s hierarchy proposed by Aissen (2003). In the line of Dimitrescu (1960) and Diaconescu (1970) a. o., it will be shown that – with the exception of DOs realized as (personal) pronouns or as animated proper nouns (which represent the highest scale of Aissen’s hierarchy) – the use of DOM with other nominal categories is very heterogeneous and fluctuant, over the centuries and the types of texts. A special attention will be payed to the examination of the first Romanian texts (i.e., 16th century), because of their foreign influence.
Language: French

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