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Funcțiile sintactice „interne” – o certitudine?

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XX (1)
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Subordination represents a modality of expressing a syntactic relation between two terms, one subordinated and a governing one. The present study approaches the mechanisms that lie at the basis of expressing the semantic category of modality, epistemic, deontic or appreciative by means of using the nonfinite verbal forms. These mechanisms, materialized by the presence of grammatical, lexical or prosodic markers, can be reflected especially in topicalized and focused syntactic constructions constituted around a nonfinite VP (infinitive, gerund, past participle or supine) capable to express a modal content either only by its presence in the limits of an enunciation, or when it is combined with different types of modal markers.
Key words:
  • subordonare, internalizare, funcţie sintactică intern(ă)
  • subordination, internalization, cognate syntactic function
Language: Romanian

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