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Plurilinguistic didactic approaches to teaching foreign languages

Publicația: The Proceedings of the International Conference Literature, Discourse and Multicultural Dialogue. Section: Language and Discourse, 4, p. 265-273
Editori:Iulian Boldea
Editura:Arhipelag XXI Press
Rezumat:In the nowadays political, economical and cultural background, bilingualism and multilingualism have acquired new meanings. We should speak about plurilingualism, and consequently, about plurilingual approaches to languages and cultures all over the world, an issue occurred due to contemporary factors, such as globalization, migration, change of demography, multiculturalism or the ascent of languages that have not been considered “important” so far. Thus, a plurilingual didactic approach, as well as a good management of learning languages, should be also applied to teaching languages in schools. Plurilingual education aims at developing plurilingualism as a competence, being achieved through activities that raise awareness of the contemporary linguistic, religious, economical, cultural and relational diversity. A group of university and high school teachers and trainers from different parts of the world pioneered a theory called FREPA, or “A framework of References for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures” (2011), which deals with the study and teaching of more simultaneous foreign languages in an intercultural context, emphasizing necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes. They have identified the need of a special syllabus to complete the National Core Curricula of different countries and the Common European Reference Framework for Languages. While being a foreign languages school inspector and an English teacher in high school, I have paid particular attention to comparing the traditional English Curriculum issued by the Romanian Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research to the new one proposed by FREPA, issue which I am going to discuss briefly in the present paper.
Cuvinte-cheie:plurilingualism,, multilingualism, curriculum,, competence, didactic approach
Limba: engleză

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