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Confuziile generate de dicționarele actuale de argou

Publicația: Lucrările celui de-al cincilea Simpozion Internațional de Lingvistică, București, 27-28 septembrie 2013, p. 580
Editori:Marius Sala, Maria Stanciu Istrate, Nicoleta Petuhov
Editura:Editura Univers Enciclopedic Gold
Rezumat:[Misinterpretations in the nowadays slang dictionaries]
Even if, in theory, it is relatively easy to tell the argotic speech from the familiar one, the popular one, the regional one, the vulgar one or from the jargon, in practice it is often difficult to establish in an objective manner the type of speech to which certain words can be attributed. By simply leafing the nowadays argot dictionaries, there can be identified numerous words belonging to other speeches than the argotic one, their intertwining being explained through the existence of several common features.
The border between the argot and the colloquial speech is hard to trace and keep under control. As a paradox, although the argot is defined, mainly, as a secret speech, it constitutes an important source of enrichment of the familiar speech. Thus considering, within the argot dictionaries there are registered words and expressions such as „daiboj,” „a umbla cu iordane” or „a face mişto”, which were, in fact, borrowed and incorporated within the familiar speech.
Seemingly, other confusion occurred in what regards the regionalisms „amandea”, „jeb”, „gabjă”, „motântoc” etc., registered within the argot dictionaries. To a speaker inhabiting an area other than that in which the above mentioned words are frequently used, these can be perceived as argot.
The argot dictionaries present also words in fashion, loans which kept their meanings from the provenance language without yet holding the necessary features for them to be attributed to the argotic speech.
Although numerous argot words send references to taboo subjects, the vulgar words cannot be integrated within the argot dictionaries. In the same time, there are also to be excluded the grammar erroneous expressions or the word games.
The identification and the classification of the argot words within the specialized dictionaries stand for a very difficult process, implying the inevitable hazard of confusions generating.
  • argou, limbaj standard, limbaj colocvial/familiar, vorbire populară/ regionalism, acronyms
  • argot, standard speech, colloquial speech, familiar speech, popular speech, regionalism, acronyms
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