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La romanística com a avaluadora de la genuïnitat d’un fenomen lingüístic: aplicació al Valencià

Publicația: Magistri et alumni, amore scribendi. Studia. In Honorem Professoris Nicolae Felecan, Secțiunea Cultură și civilizație clasică. Romanistică, p. 669-682
Editori:Oliviu Felecan, Daiana Felecan
Editura:Editura Mega, Editura Argonaut
Rezumat:[Romance languages as genuineness appraisers of linguistic phenomena: Application to Valencian]
Catalan is a language that for historical reasons ceased to be official and used by the administration on its territory in the eighteenth century. Its recent consideration as a co-official language in the Spanish regions of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands has promoted the elaboration of grammatical and lexical rules, which altogether delineate a suitable standard linguistic model, common for all the aforementioned territories; the stronger position of Barcelona has been imposed on this model. It is under these circumstances that some general features of Catalan (e.g., lo que) or Valencian Catalan (e.g., Per a que, a + CD) have been not accepted in the standardised model, due to their originating from degenerated Castilian.
In this paper, I propose to use the other Romance languages as a comparison and evaluation of the actual genuineness, or illegitimacy, of any uncanny linguistic trait. Based on an in-depth review of the same phenomena in the other languages, this study advances a proposal for the genuineness of all the traits analysed, which should be accepted by common norms of the Catalan language.
Cuvinte-cheie:Catalan, linguistic rules, Romance languages, language documentation, linguistic interference, standardisation, genuine linguistic features discussed, written and oral revival of languages subject to others, Valencian language
Limba: catalană

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