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I nomi delle sorgenti del Lazio Meridionale

Publicația: Numele și numirea. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Onomastică. Ediția I: Interferențe multietnice în antroponimie, p. 431
Editori:Oliviu Felecan
Editura:Editura Mega
Rezumat:[Names of water sources and springs in Low Latium]
This case study deals with the names given to the sources and springs in Southern Latium, collected from the old series of the 1:25000 IGM maps, the publications issued by the Ministry for Public Labour and other sources. The present research is entirely about springs, fountains and toponyms regarding a potential source of water.
There are names related to the agrarian world, flora, features and characteristics of a territory or settlement. Numerous sources bear names referring to surnames and nicknames, as well as former and more recent owners’ and users’ names. One can also find, on the grounds of various etymology, toponomy and dialect dictionaries, as well as published sources and archive documents, some interpretative hypotheses regarding the most frequently reported names and those which display a typical, local feature.
Cuvinte-cheie:source, water, name, etymology, (micro)toponym
Limba: italiană

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