Baza de date „Diacronia” (BDD)

Restrictive and Appositive Relatives

Publicația: Formal Approaches to DPs in Old Romanian, Secțiunea The DP and the Clause, p. 329
Editori:Virginia Hill
Locul:Leiden, Boston
Rezumat:This paper focuses on restrictive and appositive relatives in Old Romanian (mid-17th to mid-18th century), which are compared to equivalent structures in Modern Romanian. The paper identifies and formalizes the patterns that underly restrictive and appositive relativization in Romanian, arguing that (i) a uniform account based on HEAD raising of the nominal relative head is best suited to account for restrictive relatives; and (ii) appositive relatives are better analyzed as coordinated conjuncts with a specifying function. These patterns provide an adequate account for diachronic changes, mainly, the loss of inflection on the relative pronoun care ‘which’, arising from a reanalysis of this item as an invariable relative complementizer with head status (versus the phrasal status, in its inflected state).
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