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Determinologizarea şi gradul de specializare în texte aparţinând terminologiei pedagogice

Publicația: Limba română: diacronie și sincronie în studiul limbii române, II, p. 257
Editori:Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae
Editura:Editura Universității din București
Rezumat:Socioterminology is concerned with the transmitter, the receiver, the communication channel and the usage conditions. From this perspective, a term permits textual and contextual extensions that allow greater closeness to a word, as opposed to when it belongs to a strictly specialized discourse.
This study illustrates how various texts differ in their levels of ,,scientificity” depending on the receptors for whom they are intended. It provides examples which analyze the varying use of a term from its specialized meaning through transfer to widely-accessible texts and contexts, leading to connotations that generate polysemy.
For pedagogical terminology, we distinguish: a) highly specialized texts (academic treaties, university- level courses, specialized journals, broadcast materials, websites of the Ministry of National Education); b) average-level specialization texts (textbooks for secondary schools teaching); c) non-specialized texts (used for popularization).
Of course, the ways to reach the receiver are different in each case, the context playing a decisive role in this process. Our examples cover all three levels specified above and are taken from journals (“Review of Pedagogy”, “Education Tribune”); sites / blogs belonging to individuals, schools, or to The National Education Ministry (; general-interest publications (,,; and studies and research meant for teachers.
Our perspective is that of pragma-stylistics in order to analyze both pragmatic effects (what is done, and if it is done politely and clearly, efficiently, etc.) and stylistic effects (elegance, formality, aesthetics, etc.), as well as the interdependencies between them.
In conclusion, texts belonging to pedagogical terminology are well represented in all degrees of specialization and the varying use of terminology is a phenomenon that occurs more frequently than in other areas, due to socio-linguistic circumstances.
Limba: română

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