Baza de date „Diacronia” (BDD)

Individuelle Mehrsprachigkeit und begriffliche Gegenüberstellung von: Erstsprache, Muttersprache, Zweitsprache und Fremdsprache

Publicația: Philologica Jassyensia, III (2), p. 301-306
Editura:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Rezumat:This article is a brief overview of various theoretical approaches to the concept of multilingualism from a socio-linguistic perspective.
Taking into account the complexity of the proposed topic, the article focuses only on individual multilingualism and bilingualism and aims at making the distinction among the concepts of Native Language, First Language, Second Language, and Foreign Language.
The basis of this comparison is that the above terms are often misused, even if there are clear differences among them.
The distinction between Second Language and Foreign Language is essential, not only from a socio-linguistic standpoint, but also from a pedagogical one. The last section of this article consists of a brief comparison among these terms, based on their influence on a learner’s identity. This idea and the importance of the first language in the process of learning a second one and on immigrants’ identities are current topics of interest in socio-linguistics.
Limba: germană

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