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Națiunea și literatura națională

Publicația: Analele Universității de Vest din Timișoara. Seria Științe Filologice, L, p. 141
Editura:Editura Universității de Vest
Rezumat:[Nation and National Literature] Even though “national literature” is a commonly accepted and largely used label, any concrete attempt to define the Romanian national literature – and, indeed, the very concept of “national literature” – proves to be debatable; it stirs many controversies and reveals a lot of inaccuracies. On the one hand, during the formation of the nation-states, the nation, the national literature and the national language are, all three of them, concepts that have been strongly connected by the ideology supporting the national concept, and they have also supported and validated each other. On the other hand, the mapping of any national literature entails permanent inclusions and exclusions in/from the cultural borders of a nation throughout its history, and the specificity of this inclusion-exclusion process is determined by the national ideology in use at a certain historical moment.
Under these circumstances, the mapping of the Romanian literature is likewise a controversial process. The controversy arises from the different criteria used in this both cultural and ideological approach, and from the lack of a generally accepted perspective. There are four main criteria that have been selected and analysed here: linguistic, ethnic, territorial, and cultural. Under a closer scrutiny, they appear to be insufficient, partial or ineffective tools when used individually, and excessively restrictive when combined. The very concept of “national literature“ is a strongly ideological one, as it depends on the general definition of the nation. As a result, all the four criteria listed above fail to offer a coherent vision. Used restrictively, each of them proves ineffective; they either omit or expel each time different authors or literary creations from a strictly delimited area.
Cuvinte-cheie:nation, literature, linguistic, ethnic, territorial, cultural
Limba: română

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