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The supremacy of English language in communication and knowledge metamorphoses and dimensions of multilingualism in the Romanian space

Publicația: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 8, p. 238
Editura:Universitatea din Pitești
Rezumat:English language, among other languages, is a subject with mandatory status in the Romanian education for multilingualism and multiculturalism. In the educational system and in the general reception horizon, as a tendency, English is the first foreign language in the public’s options. The explanation lies in the universal prestige of the language and its global expansion today. But also in the general perception, there is an urban myth of communication that affirms the accessibility and ease of English, a myth caused by the general and daily contact with English. This myth fosters the empirical approach of English, undermining the scientific, professional and institutional learning. Consequently, the real skills in English communication are replaced by minimal or imaginary competencies. Knowledge of English requires a scientific approach, the study with the authorized support of specialists, in educational contexts. Higher education is the academic framework for the improvement of communication skills in English, in which the teaching and learning process is approached from a pragmatic perspective: specialized communication in English. In the general horizon of English language reception, a paradigm shift is needed, expressing the gnosiological and epistemological pragmatism: English must be understood not only as a communication tool, which is a narrow understanding of the language, but also as a means of access to the universe of knowledge, a way of the personal development.
Cuvinte-cheie:English, multilingualism, multiculturalism, cultural prestige, global expansion, urban myth of accessibility, empirical approach, scientific learning, specialized communication, pragmatic perspective, paradigm shift
Limba: engleză

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