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Simulation Methodologies for Decisions-Making Support on Linguistic Policies

Publicația: Ianua. Revista Philologica Romanica, 6, p. 29-48
Editura:Romania Minor
Rezumat:The success of any decision made in the domain of political sciences is conditioned by a set of interacting factors, so that the prevision of the final result turns out quite difficult. Regarding the domain of social sciences, new methodologies of modelation and simulation have recently been proposed (the agent-based modelation), which can be used also in the linguistic domain in order to help the political decider with the choice of efficient linguistic actions.
This article presents the theoretical frame, in which the agent-based modelation (ABM) can be developed. By using developing SW ambiences applied to the domain of political simulation the first results simulating the behaviour of a real linguistic community are presented, so that we can confirm both the complexity of the problem and its validity as a supporting instrument for political decisions.
Cuvinte-cheie:Simulation, ABM (Agent based modelling), Multi-agent modelling, Linguistic policies, Methodological Individualism
Limba: engleză

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