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Humour as a relation management strategy in the Romanian parliamentary debates

Publicația: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LVII (4), p. 389-398
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:Our paper intends to focus on the (im)politeness strategies attained through humour within the Romanian parliamentary debates. The Parliament is seen as a very competitive and confrontational setting (Ilie 2004, Harris 2001), which explains the frequency of face attacks and also the need to create a ludic ethos. In our approach, face is conceived as “associated with attributes that are affectively sensitive” (see Spencer-Oatey 2007: 644), thus a FTA could attack both the positive and the negative poles of the face.
In the case of the parliamentary debates, the interactions reveal a certain type of joking culture used to promote an in- (and out-) group relationship, to reinforce common ground, to signal shared knowledge and attitudes. On the other hand, political humour has a precise, identifiable target (a politician or a political group) who is negatively evaluated. Witty utterances and positive reactions to them could reveal appreciation, agreement – thus conveying positive politeness towards the initiator, on the one hand, and impoliteness towards the target (agree to a negative evaluation, ridicule the other, dissociate, etc.), on the other hand. Humour involves cognitive and affective complicity, the latter emphasising the two-sidedness of witty utterances.
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