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Grammatikunterricht in virtuellen Unterrichtsräumen

Publicația: Analele Universității „Ovidius” din Constanța. Seria Filologie, XXIII (2), p. 146-155
Editura:Ovidius University Press
Rezumat:The fact that young learners are in this age constantly connected to their online-accounts, regardless if they meet in reality as well, has determined teachers and teaching methodologists to find new ways to reach them. This ways are inevitably through the internet and are no longer limited to online communication such as mails, chat, forums. They had to find online challenges to help their learners to learn a foreign language and also to develop certain language communication skills such as writing, reading, hearing, even speaking abilities. The internet offers a huge number of applications that can be used to achieve these goals. A teacher has to be familiar with terms like Blended Learning, to accommodate himself with some online instruments, that will support his traditional educational methods. Online learning environments are no longer a mere online activity for learners to visit occasionally, they have to be integrated in their study experience. Otherwise the interest of learners will fade progressively.
Cuvinte-cheie:blended learning, online learning, learning platforms, web applications, online courses, German as a foreign language, internet projects, German online
Limba: germană

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2Maria-Elena MuscanGrammatik in der DAF-LehrerausbildungAOU, XXII (1), 177-1862011pdf

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