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Le système consonantique de l’arabe parlé à Siirt (Turquie)

Publicația: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LV (3), p. 223-235
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:This paper describes the features of the consonant system of the sirti (Spoken Arabic of Sirt – a town in Southeastern Turkey). This study is based on a corpus we recorded, on the spot, betwen 207−209. In sirti, beside al the common Arabic consonants, there are some inovations. As regards the features that single out with the sirti, we notice the typical transformation of the interdental consonants /t/, /d/ and /ḍ/ into labiodentals: /f/, /v/ and /ṿ/. Other features are shared with the rest of the Mesopotamian dialects to which the sirti belongs: the evanishing of the glotal stop /’/; the glotal fricative /h/ is very weakened or elided in some positons; the apariton of new consonants /p/, /ž/, /č/, /g/, /v/ and /ṿ/ (the first thre of theme are exclusively introduced by the numerous words borowed from the neighboring languages, Kurdish and Turkish); the preservation of the old uvular /q/ (evanished from the almost dialects); the emphatic articulation of new consonants (ex. : /ṛ/).
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