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Băieţi de băieţi, marfă de marfă, expressions du haut degré en roumain non soutenu : une possible explication de la construction

Publicația: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIV (1-2), p. 173-183
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:To express the high degree of the quality attributed to an entity – being, object, status etc. – contemporary Romanian has numerous and various wordings, inventoried by grammars and by researchers who devoted thorough studies to this issue. Latterly, a new wording circumscribed to the same conceptual area (e.g., băieţi de băieţi, marfă de marfă) emerged in the speech of dwellers of the suburbs. This expression has been taken over – either due to snobbism or to the desire to parody the speech of a certain category of citizens –, also by speakers in the media. Therefore, we asked ourselves if this wording possibly stemmed from patterns with a long(er) existence in Romanian and if it had any chance to proliferate, persisting at least for a while in the speech of regular speakers. Regarding the way of interpreting the construction, we adopted the explanatory model of the enunciation theory of A. Culioli, which reserves a special place to the modalities of expression of the intensity (high degree) in French.
Limba: franceză

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