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L’interview comme construction d’une image publique

Publicația: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIII (3), p. 281-301
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:Despite (or perhaps because of) the risks it entails, self-centred discourse may play an important role in establishing interpersonal relationships and, correlatively, in building the image of a speaker whose stakes do not differ sometimes from the stakes of an oratorial ethos.
This is the case of the mediated discourse – the interview – in which revealing the self appears as a mise en scène discoursive procedure, liable to an approach in terms of an “interlocutionary game”. To exemplify, the author makes an analysis of two radio interviews: interviewer Jacques Chancel, interviewees Sylvain Floirat and Maxime Le Forestier. The two actors of the radiobroadcast are bound together by a “situational transaction” which presupposes “an interactional game of questionnement” between a “questionneur looking for revealings” and a “questionné authorised to answer the questions” (Charaudeau, 1984: 179).
The stake of this interactional achievement for the two actors is to construct a public image which could give the interviewee a possibility to maintain his notoriety. This public management of one’s self image supposes two complementary roles, attitudes and strategies.
By inaugurating a new type of interview, which adopts the tonality and the flexibility of the conversation, the Radioscopies of Jacques Chancel offer a generous object of study, suitable for two, even three approaches: analysis of media interaction, analysis of functional and hierarchic discourse and conversational analysis.
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