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Mistica viziunii în opera profetică a lui William Blake, între Imaginația divină și Rațiunea științifică

Publicația: Text şi discurs religios, I, Secțiunea Retorica discursului religios, p. 321-333
Editura:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Rezumat:No doubt, Blake created one of the most fascinating cosmo-philosophical systems in the history of thought. In the present paper we will focus on a fundamental element in this system: the mystical vision of the conflict/marriage between divine imagination and scientific reason. In this context, special attention will be paid to the ways in which Blake symbolically used metals to describe the deep architecture of reality. Special reference will also be made to iron and its connection to Los (i.e. Time, the Prophet, the Artist, the Sun). Also, we analyse the significance of Urizen’s Book of Brass and Book of Iron, etc. As shall be seen, the systematic use of metals and other natural or supernatural materials renders possible the birth of one of the most impressive and fascinating metallomorphic worldviews in the history of literature and philosophy. We thus try to elucidate the reasons for which Blake laid stress with such power on the contrast/union between imagination and reason, as well as on the image of metals, and what their broader significance is in a system which proclaims prophecy as a sort of imaginative journey into the potential future floating somewhere in an adimensional space divine in nature and so paradoxically supported by the infinite axis of the world. Blake’s prophetic “processes” are thus equivalent to “unearthing” the infinite foundation of reality, which in its essence is a composite past-present-future “intercontinuum” – with imagination the binding, and reason the unbinding cosmic force.
Limba: română

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