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The Conversion of Fracturalism into the Hesychast Mystic of the “Elementary Lyricism”

Publicația: Text şi discurs religios, IX, Secțiunea Literatura și sacrul, p. 213-224
Editura:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Rezumat:The study highlights the literary phenomenon of deviation from the programme of post- postmodernist poetry noticed on the background of the conversion of some fractural poets into the hesychast mystic grounded in the poetics of the elementary lyricism. We consider that at stake there is an anti-modernist project that forges the cannon through resuscitating the lyrical tonalities in order to set up another profile of the “sublime” which is considerably different from the modernist and/or postmodernist one. Ștefan (Priest Savatie) Baștovoi, Marius (Brother) Ianuș, Andrei (Priest David) Peniuc, Adrian (Priest Serafim) Urmanov, Marius (Brother) Ștefănescu have made their option in favour of a challengeable version in the sense that those who tested the mystic or the hesychastic lyric poetry (Marius Ianuș, Adrian Urmanov, Savatie Baștovoi et al.) consider that the real poetry has been religious, Christian, and, programmatically speaking, paying no interest to the fallacious poetics, mediated by tropes and other duplicitous (corrupting) artifices.
The volumes of poetry we are concerned with plead in favour of the “elementary lyricism” (Marius Ianuș), the generator of the “mystic effect” that poetry, regarded as that “feeling transmitted to the other ”and/or “exclusively created within itself”, exerts directly and unconditionally upon the individual (Adrian Urmanov).
Cuvinte-cheie:fracturalism; anti-modernism; hesychatism; performance; mystic; transitivity; elementariness
Limba: engleză

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