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Ad palatia aeterna transmigrat: lexicalizări ale conceptului „a muri” în Istoria Imperiului Otoman de Dimitrie Cantemir

Publicația: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXVII (1), p. 47-58
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:[Ad palatia aeterna transmigrat: Expressing the Concept TO DIE in The History of the Othman Empire by Dimitrie Cantemir]
The present paper is a two-fold analysis of the lexical means employed by Dimitrie Cantemir in his work Incrementorum et decrementorum Aulae Othmannicae sive Aliothmannicae ... libri tres (1716), to express the concept TO DIE. The analysis is performed within the framework of relevance theory, as formulated and revised by Sperber and Wilson (1995) and adjusted to translation studies by Gutt (1990, 2000). In the first part, the various Latin expressions are discussed: besides ordinary ‘literally’ used verbs, the concept TO DIE is expressed through words and phrases loosely used, with various degrees of broadening and narrowing, some of which would be considered metaphoric expressions in various theoretic frameworks. A sample analysis shows how a balance between cognitive effects and processing effort is sought. In the second part, I analyse the way those expressions were translated in the English version The History of the Growth and Decay of the Othman Empire (1734–1735). Paradoxically, the ‘metaphorical’ phrases are rendered in similar linguistic structures, while the more common cases of loosely used verbs and phrases do not cross the language border as such: more often, they are translated through the ‘default’ verb to die or, more rarely, through different structures. Relevance theory allows an explanation for these decisions, in terms of equivalence of cognitive effects and processing effort.

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