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Food engineering discourse: discursive features of didactic and popularization subtype

Publicația: The Proceedings of the International Conference “Communication, Context, Interdisciplinarity”. Section: Language and Discourse, 3, p. 313-320
Editura:“Petru Maior” University Press
Rezumat:This paper aims at carrying out a comparative analysis on three Romanian scientific texts specialized in the field of food engineering from the perspective of dominant discursive modalities and semiotic devices used in an attempt to sketch the essential features of this discourse, in its didactic and popularization variant. Special attention has been given to non-linguistic signs in order to emphasize their role in explaining and doubling the verbal information, thus facilitating knowledge understanding and assimilation. We made appeal to sign typology,based on different criteria, provided by Charles S. Peirce, A. J. Greimas and Charles Morris in order to identify the joint of signs occurring in the types of food engineering texts correlated to the relations they develop and the designated objects.
Cuvinte-cheie:sign, encyclopedic competence, discourse analysis, discursive operations, text/intra-text relation
Limba: română

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