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Le parcours spirituel dans l’oeuvre de Georges Bernanos

Publicația: Text şi discurs religios, IV, Secțiunea Literatura și sacrul, p. 507-518
Editura:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Rezumat:The present paper aims to highlight the spiritual journey reflected in the works of Georges Bernanos, starting from the literary context of early 20th century, as his writings, and especially his novels, are not only the account of the inward tribulations of people who lead their dramatic existence „under the sun of Satan”, but also assume a stance towards the spiritual problems of France and the Occidental civilization.The paper dwells mainly on Bernanos’ two major works: Under the Sun of Satan (Sous Le Soleil De Satan) – his first novel, which brought him to the attention of the public and literary criticism – and The Diary of a Country Priest (Journal d'un Curé de campagne) – his best-known writing, which the French Academy awarded the Grand Prix du Roman in the year 1936. The other works of the French author are also mentioned, as they contributed to creating a spiritual universe marked by the constant confrontation between good and evil, God and Satan. The paper approaches the main themes in the works of the Catholic author, rooted in the sin vs. grace dialectics and the notion of saintliness, as well as the character of the saint.Finally, the present essay discusses the peculiarities of George Bernanos’ works, the characteristics due to which he stands out among other writers, be they his contemporaries or not, and the contribution he brought to the history of literature.The novelist of saintliness, as Bernanos has been dubbed, is one of the most prominent figures of modern literature, due to the veracity of his writing and the force of his descriptions. He is known especially for his strong portrayal of the evil and the description of human soul’s fight against its force. The French writer declared to a journalist: „I have seen the devil, as I see you, since my childhood. I humbly endure the shame of having so far only spattered with ink the face of injustice, whose incessant outrages are my zest for life.”
Cuvinte-cheie:French literature, Georges Bernanos, saintliness
Limba: franceză

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