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Les apports de l’analyse des discours médiatiques: de l’interprétation des données à la critique des pratiques discursives et sociales

Publicația: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XVIII (1), p. 35-50
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:This article discusses the lessons to be learned from the discursive analysis of media discourse, with reference to a case study of an article published in the “Désintox” [‘detox’] section of the French daily newspaper, Libération. The first part presents Libération’s innovative practice of fact-checking with a view to establishing the objectively verifiable truth, the results of which are couched in a spectacularly subjective style. In the second part, the article analyses certain explicit writing strategies adopted in the newspaper’s criticism, in particular subjectivizing puns and the conclusions of the articles, which are endorsed through the journalist’s primary discourse. It also considers certain implicit subjective aspects that can go beyond the criticism of questionable polemics and turn into an incrimination of politicians. The third part demonstrates the way that the linguistic description of this type of corpus feeds into theoretical and epistemological reformulations concerning subjectivity and objectivity, and raises social issues at stake relating to the role of criticism and its relationship with what is termed “descriptive” analysis.
Limba: franceză

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