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Images of Edible Plants in Some Biblical Phraseological Structures. A cultural perspective

Publicația: Text şi discurs religios, III, Secțiunea Retorica discursului religios, p. 329-334
Editura:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Rezumat:This paper represents an investigation of some phraseological structures with biblical correspondence in the context of Romanian phraseological field of edible plants, from a cultural perspective, given that it is only more recently that the cultural foundation of phraseology has been duly noticed as playing an important role.We agree with the statement made by Piirainen (2007) according to which there can be no adequate description of phrasemes and the way they function in a language without regard to culture, since in many cases culturally based concepts govern the inference from literal to figurative. In this article, we shall attempt to analyze the way in which the biblical representations related to the food act, on which Romanian phraseological structures rely, are part of real paradigms of meaning depending on the position that edible plants occupy in the popular mind.This approach subsumes the ethnolinguistics, providing an answer to Eugeniu Coşeriu's (1996) challenge regarding the study of language from the perspective of culture's universality and having in mind the various demands of linguistic research which, as compared with other subjects, entails the most numerous connections with the man's way of being and with all the human activities in general.
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