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Two DP Configurations for Supine-Based Nouns

Publication: Formal Approaches to DPs in Old Romanian, Section The Internal Structure of the DP, p. 246
Editors:Virginia Hill
Place:Leiden, Boston
Abstract:This paper focuses on diachronic changes in supine-based nouns. The first point is that Old Romanian displays two classes of supine-based nouns: (i) a class that has full-fledged nominal properties; and (ii) a class that has defective nominal properties. Only the latter is productive in Modern Romanian. Following Iordăcheoaia & Soare (2008), I argue that class (ii) is derived from class (i) by losing the NumP and ClassP projections. In Iordăcheoaia & Soare (2008), such a loss is related to the projection of an outer AspP within the deficient supine DPs, which entails that these nouns are derived from verbal supines. I argue, instead, that the loss of NumP and ClassP is triggered by a semantic shift in the supine root, which changed the specification of its inner Aspect from [+/– bounded] to [– bounded] exclusively. This analysis keeps the nominal and verbal derivations separate; it explains why supine DPs and supine CPs show similar restrictions w.r.t. phi-features and compatible adverbs; it caters to philological findings whereby supine verbs emerged later in Old Romanian, from the re-categorization of the nominal supine.
Language: English

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