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Contribuția tiparului din Ţările Române, în secolul al XVI-lea, la constituirea normei literare

Publication: Transilvania. Serie nouă, XLII (1), Section Istorie și studii culturale
Publisher:Centrul Cultural Interetnic Transilvania
Abstract:[The Contribution of Printing in the Romanian Countries of the 16th century at the establishment of the literary norm]
Print was received with understanding and interest in the Romanian Countries. The craft came to us from the West and was organized by the Slavs. Beginning in Târgovişte, just seventeen years from the first printing with Slavic letters, the art of printing will play a decisive role in spreading and fixing of the supra-dialectal norms. Copies of the books printed in the sixteenth century, in Wallachia, have been found in some churches in Transylvania and Moldavia, but also in Bulgaria, Serbia and Mount Athos. The essence of speech tends to become, the essence of the written language tends to immutability, in conclusion the norms of spoken language are generated and fixated by the written language.
Key words:first printings, Sixteenth Century, Slavic letters, Wallachia, Moldavia, Mount Athos
Language: Romanian

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