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Nume de preparate culinare autohtone în perspectiva globalizării (interpretări onomastice şi socioculturale)

Publication: The Proceedings of the “European Integration - Between Tradition and Modernity” Congress, 5, p. 431-443
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Petru Maior”
Abstract:This study deals with the analysis of various names of Romanian dishes (which shall be called gastronyms) from an onomastic, but also sociocultural point of view. The field of gastronomy is not at all immune to the process of globalisation, which has various effects on all levels of society. As regards the autochthonous names that the corpus includes, there are many cases in which the designating noun phrase of the dish contains a relational adjective that points directly at the origin of the recipe (Supă croată [‘Croatian soup’], Cartofi franţuzeşti [‘French baked potatoes’], Sos olandez [‘Dutch dressing’]) or in which the name is a loan from a different language (adapted to various degrees to the Romanian language): Mousse au chocolat, Pizza Margherita, Lebervuşt.
Key words:gastronomic terminology, onomasiological perspective, metaphorisation, culinary identity, globalisation
Language: Romanian

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