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Biblia de la Blaj (1795) și problematica traducerii

Publication: Receptarea Sfintei Scripturi: între filologie, hermeneutică şi traductologie. Lucrările Simpozionului Naţional „Explorări în tradiţia biblică românească şi europeană”, II, p. 337
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:The first translation of the Bible into a culture is considered to be one of the most important moments in the evolution of civilization and in the same time the most difficult one for the translators of the sacred texts. The first complete translation into Romanian of the Holy Scriptures, the Bible of Bucharest (1688), dominated the Romanian language area for 107 years until the appearance of the Bible from Blaj, translated by Samuil Micu and printed in 1795. The translation of the sacred texts is strongly influenced by the existence of a previous religious traditions, the translator in this context is restricted by the expectations of the receptor and in the same time is very motivated to show a higher quality version of the original. This was the case of two fundamental religious texts: the Bible from Bucharest (1688) and the Bible of Blaj (1795).
Key words:Bible, Samuil Micu, translation techniques, notes, options
Language: Romanian

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