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Diminutive latineşti „cum valachica interpretatione” în dicţionarul lui Teodor Corbea

Publication: Caietele Sextil Pușcariu, I, Section Lingvistică și filologie, p. 37
Actele Conferinței Internaționale „Zilele Sextil Pușcariu”, Ediția I, Cluj-Napoca, 12–13 septembrie 2013
Editori: Eugen Pavel, Nicolae Mocanu; Coperta: Călin Stegerean; Layout: Nicolae Mocanu
Tiparul a fost finanțat de Asociația Culturală „Text și discurs religios” din Iași
Publisher:Editura Scriptor; Editura Argonaut
Abstract:In his study, the author aims to investigate the way in which Teodor Corbea, in his dictionary, Dictiones latinae cum valahica interpretatione, translates or equalizes in Romanian language several Latin diminutives that characterize especially the Vulgar Latin.
The lexicon of this Transylvanian scholar represents one of the oldest dictionaries which could help us to better understand not only the mechanisms of forming diminutives, at the end of the 17th century, but also the subsequent developments. The analysis is a lexical one and follows a structural type, but there are many situations in which the author also takes into consideration the semantics of some less common diminutives.
Key words:
  • diminutive, limba română, limba latină, formarea cuvintelor, dicționar, limba română veche
  • diminutives, Romanian language, Latin language, word formation, dictionary, Old Romanian
Language: Romanian

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